Workplace accidents, accidents in the home, motor vehicle and sports injuries are covered by ACC. Acute ACC referrals are first obtained by visiting your GP or your physiotherapist. Gradual Process ACC referrals (for a workplace injury) are first obtained by visiting your GP.

ACC will assess your claim and inform you as to whether your application has been accepted or declined. 

ACC only covers treatments which commence on or after your initial the date which the physiotherpist or doctor has signed the referral form. An ACC45 allows you a certain number of treatments depending on your diagnosis.

ACC32 forms are used to apply for extra treatment if your initial injury has not settled in the expected time or if you are requiring treatment on an old injury. Your physiotherapist fills it in and then it is sent to ACC Dunedin. It takes approximately 5 working days for ACC to notify us if your claim has been accepted or not.

If ACC decline your claim or if you start treatment before the referral date then you are responsible for the full treatment costs. 

Any queries regarding your claim should be made to the ACC Registration Centre, Phone 0800 101 996. 

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