Bradcliff Method for Breathing Disorders

Did you know that one in ten New Zealanders experience some form of breathing disorder or chronic over-breathing? This can produce a range of disturbing symptoms baffling to both the patient and the doctor.  Worry over this may lead to further over-breathing and a build up of symptoms.

Breathing this way can become a habit.  This in itself is a major stress and a vicious cycle is created.  Symptoms that you may experience include:

  • frequent sighing and yawning
  • breathing discomfort*
  • disturbed sleep
  • erratic heart beats*
  • feeling anxious
  • pins and needles
  • upset gut/nausea/reflux
  • chest pains*
  • shattered confidence
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • achy muscles and joints
  • dizzy spells* or feeling "spaced out"
  • irritability or jumpiness
  • feelings of "air hunger"

         *see your doctor if you experience these symptoms

There are many triggers such as:

  • anaemia
  • asthma or COPD
  • "burning the candle at both ends"
  • cough and colds/bronchitis
  • chronic pain - physical and emotional
  • frequent or stressful telephone calls
  • grief/anxiety
  • hormone imbalances - PMT or menopause
  • mouth breathing/nasal problems
  • poor posture/ergonomics
  • tight clothing
  • viral sickness

Our specialised physiotherapy service is designed to break the cycle; restoring energy efficient breathing, improving energy levels and renewing self confidence.

Patrice Guise is a certified Bradcliff Practitioner with a special interest in the treatment of breathing pattern disorders.  

Anna Rankin is also a certified Bradcliff Practitioner and is very passionate about educating people on how to breathe well.  Anna is very interested in the musculoskeletal impacts of breathing pattern disorders, inspiratory muscle training and high performance sport.  Through personal experience she also has a special interest in the link between ear infections, breathing and persistent dizziness.

Please ask for Patrice or Anna by name when calling for a Bradcliff appointment.