Workplace Inspections

Evaluation of working conditions and risk factors. Identification of Potential occupational health hazards, occupational over use syndrome from activities, processes, equipment and environmental conditions.

Risk Identification

Identification of hazards from activities, processes, equipment and environmental conditions.

Work Hardening

For manual workers to prevent injury, particularly back care and lifting techniques.

Staff Training

Safety representatives and individual workers. Educating and identifying work habits with potential to lead to Occupation Over use Syndrome.

Lectures on the prevention of Occupational Overuse Syndrome.

Seminars on safe lifting, including practical sessions and educational handouts.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehabilitation within the workplace utilising graduated return-to-work programmes. Recommendations for alternative duties, if appropriate.

Customised Programmes for Specific Work Environments

Contractual Occupational Health and physiotherapy consultancy services.

Workplace Assessments and Graduated Return to Work Policy

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